About Us

Eduupdates  EDUCATION UPDATE was launched to fight frustrations shared by schools, and students. \

we solve problems in  a simple way, helping schools in order to reduce work load.

We have applied our technical skills to build our system. A lot of schools find our work to be good and valuable to their school communities. We offer organized communications, platform, which support many different feeds, applications and data.


The role, reason and significance of the school website is changing at pace in those schools internationally that have moved

to a digital prepared base, are on track to normalize the use of the digital all through and which are rapidly creating their own, unique, tightly included digital ecosystem.

The digital evolution that is transforming every facet of these schools is profoundly impacting those school’s websites,

moving the website from its customary unimportant place to being core and critical to the school’s everyday operations,

its teaching, growth, final result and enhanced performance and productivity.

The time has come when all schools and education authorities need to recognise that change, and the thoughtful implications that flow at both the school and learning authority level.

About Us EDUCATION UPDATE Also they would be as well to take hold of the dangerous reality that with society normalizing the everyday use of the digital,

digital change and the movement of the digital schools away from the loosely coupled, segmented,

almost silo like, organisation to a form that is evermore tightly incorporated

But the part played by the school website essentially changes,

both in nature and standing.

In the conventional highly segmented,

insular paper based school the website

largely tangential to the each day teaching. In many instances it has been casement dressing, sometimes very high quality window dressing

but in the major it has done little to enhance the pedagogy or student learning.

In marked contrast within digitally based schools an apposite, dynamic,

ever evolving, working website is central to virtually every operation, including the school’s 24/7/365 teaching.

Indeed without that website schools cannot create their desired digital bionetwork and successfully realise their shaping enlightening and digital vision.

Try and imagine how organisations like Apple, Amazon,

News Ltd or the Tax Office could operate without their websites

and you’ll begin to appreciate how critical they are to the workings and growth of digitally based schools.

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