South Africa schools to re-open on June 1

South Africa schools to re-open , even however many are not prepared to do so without high danger of new Covid-19 infections.

Under demands, to be get back to ‘normal’ –

or at least some description of ‘new normal’ –

The Covid task team under President Cyril Ramaphosa has been in negotiations with educators, public health officials and other parties for weeks on the schools re-opening issue.



Despite efforts to promote home and distance learning –

That the educational year ought to be cancelled on the whole.

But President Ramaphosa and his team are not enthusiastic on that idea.

Instead, his ministers and advisors are saying that schools must re-open in a stepped approach, commencement with the last years of junior and high schools.

Other grades will steadily then return to schools,

while in universities lectures and other in-person education will recommence, also in a stepped manner.


But there are many saying that even with a stepped advance, there are too many educational centre’s

to ensure that all will open safe and sound.

The verdict to return to classrooms will affect more than 13 million school-goers, in over 30,500 schools and virtually half a million teachers.

South Africa schools to re-open,

Returning to schooling is seen here as a main step to ‘normalizing’ society during the Covid outbreak.

But a body on behalf of formerly ‘private’ schools which are under government authority

which are “not standing by” to re-open and wherein infections with the Covid virus will be likely.

The sovereign Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA)

is the largest and oldest organization for private schools in SA serving over 850 member schools.

Essential Education minister Motshekga confirmed late Monday

that Grade 7 (last year of junior school) and Grade 12 pupils (last year of high school) would be inveterate to school on June 1,

while starter grades will return on July 8.


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