Don urges lecturers to espouse online teaching to enhance students

Don urges lecturers to adopt online teaching to enhance students
Don urges lecturers to adopt online teaching to enhance students

Don urges lecturers to espouse online teaching to enhance students : Prof. Ibrahim Abikan, the Director, School of Preliminary Studies (SPS), University of Ilorin, Kwara, says online classes introduced to assist Nigerian students is a necessity to live up to the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abikan made the declaration on Tuesday in Ilorin while talking with newsmen after a victorious two-day workshop on virtual teaching organized by the School of beginning Studies in collaboration with Kwara State University, held at the Fufu Campus of the SPS.

The don said online teaching would make the students to be more creative in their individual chosen careers.

COVID-19 has brought a lot of realities that we need to stick to, one of which is deciding a new method of communicating with our students in imparting information outside the regular face-to-face teaching method.

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“As the COVID-19 has not congested the sun from rising and setting, the days of life continues and that is why we need to invent a means to continue what we need to do without being completely locked down,  which has brought the idea of online teachings,” he said.

Abikan also said that another reason why the school has to go on board on online teaching is that the school’s programme is time-bound and supposed to end by August.

The don emphasised on students’ productivity, adding that one good thing about it is that even after COVID-19, online classes would carry on in order to make students more industrious.

He said the students were more recognizable with the online gadgets than the teachers and now that the teachers had been taught too, the students could be occupied online, take out of the time they waste online for useless endeavors to useful and productive actions.

He explained that the administration of the SPS monitored all platforms of classes together with the lecturers and students either on WhatsApp or Telegram.

This, he said, was to check the progress of work and to call attentions to where anyone was covering behind and also to be abreast of all conversation on the platforms.

Abikan appreciated the tremendous support of the management of the Unilorin in terms of honorarium of the facilitators, refreshments for participants and approval of token to buy data for lecturers that would be on the programmed.

On his part, Dr Tayo of the Department of the Performing Art, Faculty of Arts, Unilorin, and a participant at the workshop, said the training had actually brought us to the positivity of COVID-19.

Tayo added that the training had been very helpful, adding that there are reimbursement to phones and laptops that they were not aware of before.

There are challenges but we believe that by the time government is playing its division, lecturers, students and parents are playing their respective parts too, it is going to be a great thing for the improvement of education in Nigeria,” he said.

Similarly, Dr khadijat abdul khareem of the section of Plant Biology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Unilorin, another participant, urged the university organization to create an environment to improve online teachings.

She further that it was rewarding because it was the first time she had chance to learn about the visual class-worth-visual spectators.

“I have been trained so many things which include the practice of Zoom, how to create WhatsApp groups, upload files on WhatsApp and Telegram, how to control consent and solitude, and how to convert Microsoft word to PDF using various forms,” she said.

Also speaking, Mr Olu Olajugba, the Deputy Registrar, School of beginning Studies, Fufu, disclosed that 55 teaching staff, 15 SPS staff and four facilitators participated in the two days preparation.

Olajugba therefore urged all the participants to apply what they learnt for the good of the students, University of Ilorin and Nigeria at large.

He said they had to look into online teaching because of the possessions of COVID-19 and urged parents to make their wards key into the new growth.

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