Admiralty University defies corona virus and holds practical exams

Admiralty University defies corona virus education updates
Admiralty University defies corona virus education updates

Admiralty University defies corona virus and holds practical exams

Admiralty University defies corona virus and holds practical exams : At a time nearly all universities are close up down and students are at home due to the COVID-19 plague, Admiralty University of Nigeria, Ogwashi-Uku-Ibusa, Delta State, is applying knowledge to virtually stay in session to neutralize the effects of the corona virus deadly disease on academic behavior.

The university organization insisted that school. Activities must go on in order not to disturb the calendar by deploying latest online technologies and submission to bridge the gap.

Last weekend, it held a practical matriculation service where its newly admitted students all over the country were virtually present at the ceremony held inside the university audience, using the Zoom application, which was developed for multiple conferencing.

Also, last Monday the university began a near online semester examination in which all the students from the three faculties and 13 departments would write their examinations from home and would be assessed using a unique software known as ‘Class Marker’, which has inherent securities alongside malpractices.

The vice chancellor, Prof. Paul Omojo Omoji said the university decided to organize the technologies because it needed to ensure that COVID -19 epidemic did not slow down academic pace, plans and destinies of the students.

According to Professor Omoji, Admiralty is the first or second institution in the country to hold effective matriculation ceremony and examinations because the school wanted to set standards, prove its individuality and evade the effects of coronavirus.

He said, “Everyone is at freedom to be concerned that students are going to sit for examinations away from the university, how would you ensure there would be no examination malpractices? The software we have chosen, Class Marker, has got so many intrinsic securities,

and the questions are prearranged in such a way that you only open one page at a time. One page may contain only two questions, if an idiotic student wants to look around to get people to help out, by the time they come to help the page has gone to the subsequent one.

“Secondly, we have what we call invigilation by zoom application. So all the students are going to be on zoom, and there will be examination task force monitoring. We have told them that looking left or right while writing the exam would constitute examination misconduct. Everyone is going to be monitored. Not many universities have tried this before, we have gone an additional mile, there is a university that conducted exams on-line, it used Zoom. This institution has gone an extra mile to make sure

that the integrity of this university is not compromised”, Prof. Omoji said.

Though the university is the first of its kind in the country to be reputable by the Nigerian Navy and an international associate, the vice chancellor said the school is a conservative university and open to the general public.

He said the university currently has three faculties namely the faculty of science, management sciences and the faculty of arts and social sciences, adding that faculties of Engineering, Medicine, Law, Marine Sciences amongst others would take off at due time.

The VC also oblique of plans by the institution to introduce naval education sciences to reverberate with the uniqueness of the Nigerian Navy,

On the issue of official approval, the vice chancellor said the organization

is already preparing to get all the necessary gear and staff to ensure a hitch-free official approval for all the courses.

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